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Poll Results: Favorite 2011 VMA Performance

Posted by John Mitchell On August - 30 - 2011

You sure did love Jo Calderone Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars!

We asked which 2011 MTV Video Music Awards performance was your favorite and, as usual, you responded like gangbusters. We received 286,579 votes in just 27 hours (it was originally supposed to be 24 on the nose, but you guys were still voting so we didn’t want to screw up the fun), and while everyone got a little love, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga accounted for just over 94 percent of the total tally. BOOM!

While we’re not surprised that Gaga and Mars dominated (there’s no denying that both performances was fantastic), we are a little shocked that our girl Beyonce didn’t snag a little more attention. Baby bump reveal aside, she sounded amazing during her simple-but-lively take on the amazing 4 album track “Love on Top.”

Maybe next time, Bey. For now, things are coming up Mars and Gaga. Check out who took the crown as well as the final breakdown of all voting results, after the jump.

Favorite 2011 MTV VMA Performance

Total votes: 286,579

Winner: Bruno Mars, “Valerie” – 147,527 – 51.48%

Lady Gaga, “You and I” – 116,718 – 40.73%

Jay-Z and Kanye West, “Otis” – 459 – 0.16%

Pittbull, “Give Me Everything” – 378 – 0.13%

Adele, “Someone Like You” – 1,751 – 0.61%

Chris Brown, Medley – 12,729 – 4.44%

Beyonce, “Love on Top” – 4,433 – 1.55%

Young the Giant, “My Body” – 194 – 0.07%

Lil Wayne, “How to Love/John” – 2,390 – 0.83%

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Beyonce’s Album Sees Sales Surge After VMA Performance Of ‘Love On Top’

Posted by John Mitchell On August - 30 - 2011

It was the moment of the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. Beyonce took the stage and announced, “I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside of me,” before tearing the roof off of Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre with her performance of “Love on Top,” a much-loved non-single (so far) track from her acclaimed album 4. As she wrapped up the song, Queen Bey unbuttoned her retro sequined purple jacket to reveal a baby bump, and the crowd went wild.

The camera panned quickly to B’s hubby Jay-Z, who was beaming alongside friend Kanye West in the audience. That evening, Beyonce set the record for the most mentions on Twitter per second with 8,868, and helped this year’s VMAs become the most-watched broadcast in MTV history, pulling in 12.4 million viewers.

The performance also did something else – something Beyonce was no doubt hoping for all along. It drew a massive amount of attention back to her album and pushed “Love on Top,” a song many had never heard before the VMAs, into the iTunes top 5. It’s not even an official single and it is already the highest charting song from 4 on iTunes and the album has returned to the top 10 and is currently, perfectly, sitting at No. 4 on the iTunes album sales chart.

Will Beyonce’s baby news provide the attention necessary to push 4 back up the charts, help it go platinum and give her a hit single? It looks like it may, and that’s a very good thing.

While 4 has been lauded by critics as Beyonce’s most mature album to date, it’s also her weakest selling solo set by far. The album has moved less than 700,000 copies since its June 24 release. That’s a big number for sure, particularly in today’s weak record sales climate, but it’s far from the kind of sales Beyonce is used to.

Beyonce’s three previous albums all went multi-platinum. Her 2003 debut, Dangerously in Love, sold a staggering 4.6 million copies, her sophomore set B’Day shifted 3.2 million copies and her third album, I Am … Sasha Fierce, went triple platinum with 3 million in sales. And those are just her sales as a solo artist – let’s not forget she was the frontwoman of the biggest girl group of all time.


She’s been such a consistent success for so long that it’s hard to assess where 4 stands respective to her previous efforts. The album has only been out for two months and Beyonce has always been a long-term sales artist, which is to say that she’s never had a million-selling debut week but has often ultimately outsold artists that have.

And, of course, it bears repeating that full albums do not sell the way they used to – with the exception of Adele’s 21, 2011 hasn’t produced any true blockbuster records (and yes, that includes Lady Gaga, whose Born This Way debuted to an impressive 1.1 million in sales but has only moved 1.7 million total, a big number that is less impressive when you consider that nearly two-thirds of it came from its opening frame). So it’s unfair to compare 4 to Dangerously in Love because even if any of 4’s singles had taken – and they mostly haven’t – it’s unlikely it would have ever matched the sales of her past efforts anyway.

But things may be looking sunnier for 4 post-VMAs. Beyonce smartly opted to not perform one of the album’s weak-charting singles, “Run the World (Girls)” and “Best Thing I Never Had,” and went for the upbeat album track “Love on Top. While the pregnancy reveal was certainly the big news from the performance, everyone is watching and re-watching “Love on Top,” and it seems people are loving it.

And why wouldn’t they? “Love on Top” is our favorite track on 4, an album that has grown on us to the point of obsession. We’ve long been Beyonce fans – she is one of only a handful of artists whose records we are sure to buy the day they are released. And maybe it’s because we are around the same age as Bey and we’re maturing with her, but it’s become our favorite of her albums (a big statement considering we had to buy a replacement copy of B’Day because we wore out our first one).

If people were underwhelmed with the first few singles, it’s their own fault for not buying the album because 4 is packed with hits. (Personally, we love “Girls” – it works better in the context of the album – and “Best Thing,” but maybe she’s saving the best stuff for fans who buy the album?) In addition to “Love on Top,” there’s “Countdown,” “Party” and the Prince-like “Schoolin’ Life.” It’s an addictive, soulful record, start to finish.

So it looks like Beyonce’s VMA performance may have worked on a variety of levels and for a variety of people. Not only was the performance itself fantastic viewing for those watching the VMAs, it debuted a great song few had heard and has inspired renewed interest in Beyonce’s terrific album. It also saved the ultra-private singer and her rap superstar husband the annoyance of having to issue a press release or sit for an interview to talk about their personal life, something neither is comfortable doing. In just under five minutes on the VMA stage, Beyonce took care of a lot of business.

Now she gets to go quietly enjoy this blessed time in her life while more and more people discover the blessing she already released on the world – 4

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LMFAO Play VMA Word Association Game, ‘Party Rock’ Scavenger Hunt

Posted by Jocelyn Vena On August - 29 - 2011

The show might be over, but our hangover hasn’t even stelled in yet! Before the 2011 Video Music Awards kicked off, MTV News caught up with VMA nominees LMFAO for a little pre-gaming action.

RedFoo and SkyBlu know how to work catchy lyrics into their party rock, so we thought we’d challenge them to play a VMA Word Association Game. What’s the first thing the guys think of when they hear the words Adele, Jo Calderone, Foster the People, Justin Bieber and Cage the Elephant? Watch the video to see.

The responses, as one might imagine, are funny and unexpected, much like their video for “Party Rock,” which was up for Best Choreography at the show (competing with Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars and Beyoncé).

Coincidentally when we caught up with the boys on the red carpet, they were up for another game. What’d they play this time? The ‘Party Rock’ Scavenger Hunt. They managed to snag a few more points for the game. How’d they do it? Well, we provided some tape for your viewing pleasure to find out!

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Tell Us Which VMA Performance Was Your Favorite

Posted by John Mitchell On August - 29 - 2011

Everybody is still talking about last night’s MTV Video Music Awards!

From Beyonce’s baby bump reveal at the end of her smashing take on “Love on Top” (which is maybe our favorite song on the amazing 4) to Lady Gaga’s in-character performance of “You and I,” the show brought us some truly epic moments.

But while Gaga and Beyonce are sure to dominate headlines today about the show, we shouldn’t forget about the other fantastic performances that made last night’s show one of the biggest and best VMAs ever.

Early in the show, Bey’s hubby Jay-Z wowed the crowd alongside Watch the Throne collaborator Kanye West for a rousing take on their hit “Otis.” Later on, Pittbull brought out his hit “Give Me Everything,” while Adele did what she does best – stood there and sang (what a voice!) – with her new single, “Someone Like You.”

Chris Brown tore up the stage with his dance moves during an incredible (occasionally flying) medley performance of “Yeah 3X/Protect Ya Neck/Teen Spirit/Beautiful People.” Young the Giant rocked “My Body.” Bruno Mars paid tribute to the late Amy Winehouse with a groovy, retro take on “Valerie.” And Lil Wayne closed the show with an unstoppable performance of “How to Love/John.”

There were so many great performances, we can’t even keep track. That’s where you come in. Tell us which performance was your favorite in our poll after the jump.

Polls close tomorrow (August 30) at 3 PM. We’ll have the results soon after!

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VMA Winners Tweet Excitement Over Moonman Wins

Posted by John Mitchell On August - 29 - 2011

Everybody is still talking about last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. The stars sure gave us all a lot to discuss, that’s for sure. From Beyonce’s unexpected baby bump reveal and Lady Gaga’s commitment to her alter ego, Jo Calderone, to Britney Spears’ big tribute and Bruno Mars’ cover of “Valerie” in honor of the late Amy Winehouse, the show brought us some truly historic moments.

But let’s not forget some awards were handed out too, and the stars who won them took their gratitude to Twitter, where everyone from Best Pop Video winner Britney Spears to multiple winner Katy Perry expressed thanks for the recognition.

“Can’t believe tonight was even real! Forever grateful to my dedicated, wonderful fans – y’all made this evening possible. Love u!” an overjoyed Spears tweeted after the show.

Best New Artist winner Tyler, The Creator posted multiple profanity-laced (he’d have it no other way) tweets throughout the night, but the always honest MC revealed that he shed a few tears over his win, writing, “I F**king Got It N****. Wanted One Since 9, Did This S**t Alone, OFWGKTA. Moms Crying, Clancy Cried, I Legitly Cried In Tacos Arms.”

Read on for more tweets from the winners.

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