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Big Time Rush Play Word Association with Elevate Song Titles

Posted by MTV News On December - 6 - 2011

By Christina Garibaldi

Big Time Rush already have some “big time” plans heading into the New Year. In February, the boys from the hit Nickelodeon TV show will hit road for their “Better With You Tour.” The 16-stop trek will be the band’s first U.S. headlining tour, and they’ll be promoting their recently released second album, Elevate. The boys spent over a year creating their new album and after looking over the track list, we decided to play a little word association with some of their song titles.

Check out the video below:

Read on for more.

“If I Ruled the World”
We asked the guys what they would do if they ruled the world and we got some very interesting answers.

“Cinnamon Roll Wednesday,” Kendall said. “Siestas for everyone!” Carlos added.

“Time of Our Life”
What do the boys consider to be the time of their life? “Time of our life has been Big Time Rush,” James said. “It’s been the majority of our young years, most of our friends are in college right now, we’ve taken a different path in life because we’ve had this amazing opportunity and honestly, I’ve literally had the time of my life.”

Kendall added, “We played a show with Justin Bieber with 65,000 kids at a stadium, and that, nobody gets to experience that.”

If the boys of Big Time Rush were invisible for a day, who would they spy on?

“I would spy on Donald Trump because I want to know if that hair that he combs over every day is really there,” Carlos joked.

“I want to spy on Oprah to see if she’s super human because she’s that awesome,” Kendall said.

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Katherine Heigl Wanted To ‘Shake Things Up’ With Her ‘I Hate Balls’ PSA

Posted by MTV News On December - 6 - 2011

By Lauren Kearney, with reporting by Kara Warner

In a “ballsy” attempt to promote her cause for animal rights, more specifically the neutering and spading of dogs, “New Year’s Eve” star Katherine Heigl teamed up with Funny or Die and came up with a ridiculously hilarious viral PSA about her hate of balls. No, not tennis balls or yoga balls … yep, you guessed it – Man Balls.

“It was really the Funny or Die guys that came up with the sketch idea and I have sort of an off-center sense of humor, I guess, and I thought it was really funny,” she explained to MTV News at the “NYE” junket. Check it out below:

“I thought it was a great way to make our point and talk about a cause that a lot of people sort of already know about or aren’t that aware of that are probably kind of tired of the same old approach to it so we trying to shake it up a little and catch people’s attention,” she added.

In the video, which you can check out after the jump, Heigl spends roughly three minutes discussing how much “terrible, terrible testicles” disgust her. “Unfortunately, I can’t cut the nuts off human men … yet. So I’ve dedicated my time to the neutering of dogs. Cause that’s legal!”

She prepared a list of the pros and cons of nuts. Among the attributes listed on the cons list are jiggly, look awful shaved, look awful unshaved, crinkly and wrinkly like an old Muppet, creepy guys grab at them and on and on. And on the pros list? Nothing.


Heigl took out her balls frustration on two boxing speed bags, punching them and cutting them down with hedge clippers, a cringe-worthy event for even the manliest man who had the “balls” to picture it in his head. But she assures us it isn’t men, and certainly not their packages, that she hates. Just the pair of nasty that comes along with them.

The actress has gone to great lengths recently to promote her charity, the Jason Heigl Foundation, including not only this PSA but posing topless with a dog. Now that’s dedication! But unfortunately the awareness may not be going as well as planned.

“I think the sad news is that everyone’s seen the video but no one’s necessarily donating to the cause so I’m crying into my pillow at night,” she told MTV News.

If you’d like to help her correct that, you can donate to the cause by texting SNIP to 20222 ($5) or FIXIT ($10) to 20222.

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David Guetta Praises ‘Amazing’ Grammy-Nominated Collaborator Avicii

Posted by MTV News On December - 5 - 2011

By Akshay Bhansali

Swedish electronic dance music DJ-producer Tim Berg winds down 2011 seemingly seated on a throne. Under his Avicii stage moniker, he has arguably one of the most popular dance music singles of the year, “Levels,” which was recently released by Interscope and has a hilarious music video to accompany it. He sits just above Afrojack at #6 on DJ Mag’s list of top 10 most popular DJs on the planet. And more recently, a song he co-produced with David Guetta, “Sunshine,” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Recording.

Underscoring the accolade, MTV News caught up with Guetta this weekend, where the dance music icon sang Berg’s praises. Check it out below:

“He’s an amazing new talent,” Guetta says. “I think he has a great future. In the same way that I met with Afrojack two years ago and was like, ‘Wow this kid is amazing!’ and I tried to help him as much as I could, last year I met Avicii.”

“I just love to collaborate with the new generation because we inspire each other. In the same way that it was interesting for me to collaborate with or Usher, people like this,” Guetta continued. “It’s also interesting to work with people that are maybe new to the DJ world. Even if they don’t have as much experience, they come with a new perspective, and I love that!”

For Avicii fans in the New York area that were looking to hit up Avicii’s sold-out New Year’s show at Pier 94 – fret not! Additional tickets will go on sale at tomorrow, December 6 at 10AM EST. Get ‘em while you can!

Guetta also divulged that fans should keep a look out for a Guetta, Avicii and Nicky Romero banger, which will be coming out soon!

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Backstreet Boys Cruise: No Sleep Till Miami, Howie D Teases

Posted by Jocelyn Vena On December - 2 - 2011

Anchors away! (No, we’re not talking about that “Sex and The City” episode.) The second-annual Backstreet Boys cruise departs today (!!!) from Miami and we have some inside scoop from the one and only Howie D about what ticketholders should expect and those who aren’t going should be jealous about.

“I’m really excited. This is our second annual cruise that we’re doing,” he told MTV News about the cruise, which sails the friendly seas until December 5 and will even include a big surprise for die-hard fans.

Find out what it is, after the jump!

“We’re going to the Bahamas and we’re going to have a beach party, which Kevin [Richardson] will be there as our special guest,” he added. “It’s just going to be three days of a jam-packed party, fun cruise were gonna do a couple concerts for the boat. We’re gonna do two. We’re gonna do some karaoke. Have some fun costume nights.”

The cruise will not only be a non-stop par-tay where anything can happen, but it’ll give BSB-ers the chance to meet their idols up close and personal, which is kind of the idea. “It’s just a fun, hanging out get a chance for the fans to know us in a different light instead of just always being on stage,” he added. “We’re very interactive; we’re very approachable. There’s not going to be much sleep on the cruise. It’s a party.”

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Avril Lavigne Answers Your Twitter Questions!

Posted by Jocelyn Vena On December - 1 - 2011

Avril Lavigne recently stopped by the MTV Newsroom to chat all about what she’s working on these days. She touched on a number of subjects, including working with L.A. Reid again, her new single “Wish You Were Here,” her follow-up to Goodbye Lullaby (which she’s currently hard at work on!) and her decade in the music industry (boy, does time fly).

Since we had her around, we also decided to try and sneak in some questions from her fans on Twitter. Avril happily played along and here are some of the fun tidbits she shared with us courtesy of you guys.

Question #1:
punkylemon @mtvnews #askAvril what are your non music hobbies?

Answer: “My favorite hobbies outside of music. I love to cook, I love to paint and I like sports. I like skateboarding and rollerblading.”

Question #2:
SantigneEV @mtvnews @AvrilLavigne #askAvril Do you have a pet? Dog or cat? ;)

Answer: “I don’t have a pet. I would love to have a dog, a miniature schnauzer one day. But I don’t have enough time to train it and be home with it and take care of it so I have to like… I can’t right now, but if I could I totally would. I’m allergic to cats and dogs so I have would have to have a hypo allergenic, which is a miniature schnauzer, which is the dog we grew up with. That’s the cutest little dog.”

Do Avril’s answers surprise you? Tell us in the comments!

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