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Is Madonna’s Kiss Her Way Of Anointing The Next Big Thing?

Posted by John Mitchell On December - 8 - 2011


So everyone’s going crazy because Nicki Minaj tweeted that she locked lips with the Queen of Pop, Madonna, on the set of the music video for “Give Me All Your Love,” the buzzed about first single from Madonna’s forthcoming 12th studio album.

Apparently, kissing Her Madgesty is oh-so good … “OH MY f’ingggg Gahhhh!!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!!!! It felt sooooo good. Soooo soft!!!! *passes out* aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!” Nicki tweet-screamed to all of her Brabz and Kenz late last night. She continued her swoon-athon with a series of tweets (which you can check out after the jump!) for over an hour after.

Which got us thinking about what a kiss from Madonna really means. Of course, any time Madge locks lips with another lady, our mind is immediately drawn back to the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, where the Queen and the Princesses – that’s Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, for those who don’t know (and how is life under that rock?) – performed a “Like A Virgin” medley that included one of the most famous lip locks of all time.

In its own weird way, a lot of people read the performance and kiss and Madonna’s way of anointing Spears as her pop successor. Sure, she kissed Christina too, but that’s not what anyone remembers. They remember that jaw-dropping lip lock with Spears, who was then at the height of her global fame and still a few years removed from the personal drama that nearly consumed her career (blessedly, she got the help she needed and is back and as good as ever today).

Does that mean she sees something special in Nicki too?

Minaj has had a very big year. She had a multi-platinum record with Pink Friday and earned a ubiquitous radio and chart hit with “Super Bass.” And everyone loves her – from Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber’s number one girl Selena Gomez to Britney Spears herself, who handpicked Nicki for her Femme Fatale tour, everyone is gaga for Nicki. Minaj is also beloved by critics and the hip-hop community.

So maybe getting a publicized smooch from Madonna is her way of showing faith in a young performer. After all, when Spears returned to the big time for her comeback album Circus and appeared in the MTV documentary “Britney: For the Record,” Madge was there to lend a hand to the resurgent superstar, proving her support for Spears wasn’t fair-weather. Spears went on to release the best album of her career this year with Femme Fatale, which at least one MTV Newser thinks was the best album of the year.

Perhaps puckering up with Nicki means something similar. We can see Madonna taking a liking to the sexy and sassy rapper. Nicki seems exactly like Madonna’s kind of girl. Or maybe it was just her way of wishing her a happy birthday!

Check out Nicki’s Twitter-based Madonna love-fest below:

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From Bratz to Lalaloopsy, Nicki Minaj Is A Doll (And Not Just A Barbie)

Posted by MTV News On December - 5 - 2011

Nicki Barbie

By Andrea Duncan-Mao

Nicki Minaj has been calling herself the “Harajuku Barbie” for the past year, and now Mattel has gotten the hint and created a one-of-a-kind Nicki Minaj Barbie doll. The doll, which will premiere this month, will be auctioned for charity, with the bidding starting at $1,000. And while we all know the curvy lady rapper has a penchant for pink, skin tight fashions and towering heels – and that she rocks Barbie jewelry and has an ever changing assortment of wigs – but looking at her outlandish style and attitude, we have decided that Roman’s alter ego could also be a number of other dolls.

The long-time line that samples style from everything from Video Vixens, collagen porn stars and I don’t know, uh, Nemo, these bodacious Betties have serious attitude and outrageous get ups. Like Ms. Minaj, they love rainbow hair colors and heels. Edgier than Barbie [and oft-criticized for their hypersexualization], they roll deep. The Bratz crew are like a bachelorette party fist pumping at the club, whereas Barbie and her small circle are more like Carrie and her girls—sipping Cosmos at a roof bar.

Read on for more.

Liv Dolls
Less trampy than Bratz, but more 2011 than Barbie, Liv dolls live for glamour. Nicki would be right at home with these girls as they change their hair color on a regular basis — in fact, it seems to be their main hobby besides shopping. And who doesn’t want to live at the spa?


Our personal favorite, these whimsical dolls remind us of Ms. Minaj because of their multi-hued ‘dos, cheerleader skirts and ready-for-primetime names like Dot Starlight, Sahara Mirage and Jewel Sparkles. We can see them easily bopping their bobbleheads to “Super Bass” with their menagerie of pets.

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Nicki Minaj, Ricky Martin Go Pop Art For MAC Viva Glam

Posted by Jocelyn Vena On November - 17 - 2011

Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin are finally showing off the fruits of their labor. No, they haven’t’ collaborated on a track (though that would be… something…), the pop superstars have joined forces with MAC as the faces of their always A-list, socially aware MAC Viva Glam campaign for 2012.

In the photo, a dolled up Nicki, wearing a bright pink latex dress, pink hair and neon makeup, sits atop a motorcycle looking like her usual sexy self. Meanwhile a tatted up Ricky poses quite manically, holding up a giant pink lipstick. The shoot itself is full of graffiti art and looks a bit pieced together and photoshopped in that pop art kind of way.

Oh yeah, it’s done in the way that renowned celebrity photographer David LaChapelle is known for. Did we mention he did the photos? Well, he did.

“Barbz, check out my #MACVivaGlam photo w/@ricky_martin on Facebook!” Nicki tweeted about the eye-catching, super colorful photo. “Lipstick’s out in Feb – buy 1 save a life!”

He expressed a similar sentiment on his twitter, adding, “My #MACVivaGlam photo w/ @nickiminaj is on Facebook now. Products out in Feb support the #MACAIDSFund. Kisses and more Kisses. What do u think of this campaign? #UNHATE #Bentton.”

So Barbz, Kenz, Ricky Fans and everyone in between, what do you think of the ad? Did they beat Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper?

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Madonna Working With Nicki Minaj And M.I.A.?

Posted by Gil Kaufman On October - 28 - 2011

Madonna has long made a career of being in just the right place with just the right people at just the right time. And it sounds like she’s at it again on her upcoming untitled 12th album. Though Madge’s spokesperson gave a “no comment” when asked by MTV News to confirm the news, the popular Madonna fan site MadonnaTribe reported this week that the Material One has recorded nine songs so far for the disc, including the lead single, “Give Me All Your Love,” which will feature … wait for it … Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.

The album, which she is reportedly recording with old pal William Orbit (Ray of Light) as well as dance veterans Martin Solveg and Benny Benassi, is slated for release early next year and unconfirmed rumors continue to bubble up that Madonna will play the new single when she performs at halftime at next year’s Super Bowl on February 5.

Orbit has kept things close to the vest, but did recently tweet a tantalizing message that appeared to confirm the Super Bowl appearance. “I hesitate to make a comment about anything musical,” he wrote. “Ya’ll might think is a cryptic tease. But will say: \o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/\o/.” The obvious cheerleader reference has been taken by Madonnaphiles to either be a confirmation of the appearance at the big game or a hint that the gig will feature some cheerleaders spelling out the singer’s name in the stadium while she plays her new song.

Madge may also be enlisting the help of up-and-comers NERVO for her new album. Listen to what the girls had to say about working with the Queen of Pop:

Are you excited about the news that Nicki and M.I.A. will perhaps appear on Madonna’s next single? Let us know in the comments.

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Nicki Minaj Performs ‘Super Bass’ With YouTube Sensations

Posted by MTV News On October - 12 - 2011

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

By James Dinh

It’s safe to that Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” is a bona fide hit with just about everybody under the sun. Since its release back in May, the Pink Friday cut has spawned celebrity covers from Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and even a couple members of the Kardashian clan, but the bouncy pop track was recently covered by even more wannabe MCs: 8-year-old Sophia Grace Brownlee and her 5-year-old cousin Rosie.

You may not recognize their names, but you’ll most likely recognize the British youngsters’ YouTube cover of the Minaj hit (or matching princess dresses) that spread like wildfire across the Internet. The duo took their cutesy talents to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday to perform the song and screamed in excitement when the Young Money raptress surprised them with an appearance. How else do young girls react when seeing their musical idol in person? Well, lots of screaming and jumping, of course.

“Within five seconds of seeing this video, I was calling everyone I knew and I was also receiving a billion emails,” Minaj told DeGeneres. “Everyone is like, ‘You have to see this little girl.’ She blew me away! I have a hypeman, and you have a hypegirl.”

Alongside her “hypegirl” cousin, Grace later performed her version of the record-breaking tune with the Harajuku Barbie as they sporadically shared lines. Despite applauding her talents and bright future, Minaj stressed the importance of school. “We feel like we’re watching a journey that’s about to be amazing, right?” she said. “You are incredible. I just want you to stay in school, the both of you. Music is beautiful, but I want you to stay in school. Put your books first and singing second.”

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