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We Got Some Great Advice From The Stars On ‘When I Was 17′ This Week

Posted by MTV News On August - 29 - 2011

By Morgan Schwartz

What do Kreayshawn, Tyler the Creator and Big Sean all have in common besides being nominated for (and in Tyler’s case, winning) Best New Artist at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards? Some stories that will literally make you laugh out loud while also teaching you a thing or two. They say wisdom comes with age, so here are three things we learned from these artists’ childhood tales on “When I Was 17.”

1. Know your audience.

Tyler the Creator told a hilarious story of one of his first ever performances at a talent show. Apparently he got a little carried away with the raunchy lyrics and ended up pulling down his pants! But the real kicker – the audience was filled with hardcore religious church members! They kicked him off the stage immediately but didn’t fail to teach him (and us) a valuable lesson.

2. Never let a friend give you a pet cat.

Kreayshawn may claim to be a cat person, but not if that cat has come as a present from a friend. The “Gucci Gucci” singer recalled her first cat as being a little “slow.” It loved to get tangled up in the blinds and use the drain in the bathtub as a litter box. Gross right? Although Kreayshawn now says she has the two best cats in the world, she definitely learned the hard way to pick your pets yourself.

3. Sometimes a little lie can go a long way.

When Big Sean was 17 he was already on his way to being the chart-topping rapper that he is today. But the moment that really gave him his big break? Rapping 16 bars for Kanye West in front of a local radio station. You may be wondering how he got the chance to even get some face time with Yeezy. Well, Big Sean divulges that he lied and said he left his cell phone in the building in order to sneak in! We guess sometimes a little white lie isn’t so bad.

Watch the full episode of “When I Was 17” to hear some more hysterical stories and learn a few more lessons.

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Fans Go Wild For Lady Gaga At MTV First Event In New York

Posted by John Mitchell On August - 19 - 2011

Dreams came true for a bunch of Little Monsters tonight, as they got some face time with Lady Gaga during “MTV First: Lady Gaga.”

A handful of lucky fans got to join Gaga live at MTV’s Times Square studio for the TV premiere of her latest video, “You and I.” Looking radiant in a white dress, very large white hat and sunglasses, Gaga reveled in the adoration of her fans, offering hugs and handshakes as she made her way across the studio to the windows overlooking Times Square, where she was greeted by hundreds of screaming fans decked out in some of her best-known looks.

After the video, one especially lucky fan got to ask an on-air question (many more fans got a turn during the live stream), and asked the pop star something that’s been on our mind as well since first seeing the clip: “How do you have sex with a mermaid?”

“That’s part of the metaphor – you can’t,” Gaga replied, explaining that “sometimes in love, you just can’t make it work.”

Gaga’s fans in Times Square simply couldn’t get enough of Mother Monster. “She’s unique, she’s special, she’s crazy,” Gaga fan Danny told MTV News. Another fan, Anne Marie, is taken with Gaga’s strength, saying, “She fights for what she believes in and what she wants. She doesn’t back down for anybody.” Lil Monster Alex took it a step further, telling us that Gaga “freed my soul.”

Gaga explains the meaning of \"Yoü And I\" to Little Monsters in our studio.

More Fan Reaction To Mother Monster’s Mermaid From Our Friends at MTV Buzzworthy >>>

Gaga Makes Her Grand Entrance With Sway

Gaga Makes Her Grand Entrance With Sway

Fans Help With Gaga\'s Big Announcement

Fans Help With Gaga’s Big Announcement

MTV control room

MTV control room

Did you check out Gaga on “MTV First”? Tell us about it in the comments!

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‘Bigger Than The Buzz’ Takes On ‘Watch The Throne’ And The Quick Demise Of Owling

Posted by John Mitchell On July - 29 - 2011

Bigger Than The Buzz

Last week we brought you the pilot episode of “Bigger Than The Buzz” and now here’s the first official ep. Two of MTV’s foremost pop culture connoisseurs, Tamar Anitai of Buzzworthy and MTV News’ own James Montgomery, are back to let loose on the biggest stories from the week that was in pop culture.

This time around, the dynamic duo are talking up Jay-Z and Kanye West’s superstar collaboration Watch the Throne and whether there’s a bigger superstar combo out there (hint: James and Tamar think there just might be).They also address the cultural scourge that is “owling” and the unlikely stardom of VMA-nominated newcomer Kreayshawn.

Check the first official episode of “Bigger Than The Buzz” out after the jump.

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TeenNick Vs. ‘TRL’ And ‘Making The Video’: Interns Weigh In

Posted by MTV News On July - 28 - 2011

By Matt Goodhue

Sure, ’90′s Nickelodeon played a key role in shaping our childhood. Doug and Patty provided us with fashion sense. Kenan and Kel made us fond of orange soda. “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” encouraged us to use a nightlight. These shows were crucial in the development of our young, innocent brains, but it was the radical movement of MTV that really had an impact on how we are today.

As young interns for MTV News, we can’t ignore the influence certain programs had on us. It’s one of the reasons we wanted to come here in the first place. So, while Nickelodeon’s re-airings of hits like “Doug” and “Clarissa Explains It All” are thrilling our slightly older MTV News colleges, we’re hoping MTV will be inspired and re-play our favorite classics from the late ’90s and early 2000s.

“Celebrity Deathmatch,” 1998-2002 – Matt Goodhue
In a time when WWF ruled my Monday nights, I needed another program to meet my wrestling needs during the week. “Celebrity Deathmatch” was the missing link. Not only could I watch claymation characters kick each other’s asses in brutal ways, the matches featured celebrities and historical figures that I would have loved to see square off in the ring. Beavis vs. Butt-head. The Backstreet Boys vs. The Beastie Boys. Busta Rhymes vs. William Shakespeare. Pure genius. With commentators Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond giving the play-by-play, “Celebrity Deathmatch” provided endless entertainment and a copious amount of blood and physical injury. Bring back the clay!

“TRL,” 1998-2008 – Stefan Doyno
Who doesn’t miss “Total Request Live”? I remember 1998 like it was yesterday. I’m talking about the Carson Daly days, 4PM, Monday through Friday. I was in fourth grade, and every day after school I would turn on MTV to watch my favorite countdown show with a large glass of chocolate milk. “TRL” was great because it featured music videos, but it also kept me up to date with the latest in pop culture. Whether they were premiering a highly anticipated Britney Spears video or something from Eminem, “TRL” always had great guests and great performances. “Total Request Live” was not just a show; it was part of my childhood.

“Making the Video,” 1999-2009 – Danielle Genet
There’s nothing I love more than behind the scenes footage! I loved MTV’s “Making the Video,” which began in 1999, because we were given an exclusive and real look at the process of making a music video – everything from day one set arrivals, meeting the production team, watching the choreography and ideas unfold, and eventually watching the premiere of the video on television. The show taught its viewers so much about the whole production process … I didn’t even know what a green screen was until I watched the show! With technology these days going at a speed of a mile a minute, I would love for this show to come back, slow down the process and help us understand the current efforts behind the videos of the future. Wouldn’t it be so cool to know how Lady Gaga and her team work their magic in their video extravaganzas? MTV News now does a segment called “Frame by Frame” (watch Katy Perry talk about “California Girls”) which is filling the void that was created when this show went off air in 2009.

“Say What? Karaoke,” 1998-2003 – Morgan Schwartz
Although it stopped airing in 2003, “Say What? Karaoke” lives on forever both in my fifth grade yearbook (as my favorite TV show) and in my heart. There was no greater pleasure for me than coming home after a long, hard day on the playground, turning on “Say What? Karaoke,” and singing along as sometimes tone-deaf college-aged kids performed their own renditions of the hottest pop songs of our time. Some (me) may even go so far as to claim it was the original “American Idol.” Let’s just say Randy, Simon and Paula could have learned a thing or two from celeb judges like Shia LaBeouf. And let’s not even start with the resemblance between host Dave Holmes and Ryan Seacrest. It’s uncanny.

What’s your favorite MTV show? Let us know in the comments.

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Check It Out: MTV’s New Weekly Web Series ‘Bigger Than the Buzz’

Posted by MTV News On July - 20 - 2011

By Chelsea White

In light of all of the endings we’ve had to cope with as of late (the finale of the “Harry Potter” franchise, the demise of J.Lo’s marriage, the exodus of Charlie Sheen’s remaining goddess, etc.), isn’t it high time for a new beginning?

We gave two of’s foremost pop culture connoisseurs free rein to let loose on everything they’re most obsessed with in pop music and pop culture that week. The result: The pilot episode of our new weekly web series, “Bigger Than the Buzz”!

Tamar Anitai is the managing editor of MTV Buzzworthy and James Montgomery writes MTV News’ Bigger Than the Sound column, and neither one can STFU about pop music and pop culture. They devote each day to dishing out all of the need-to-know happenings, sounding off on their favorite videos and swapping notes on up-and-coming artists. We decided to put their gift for gab to good use by dragging them out from behind their computers and in putting them in front of our camera, so you could get involved in the conversation.

Each week, Tamar and James invite you to join them as they breakdown the week’s most pertinent moments in pop music and pop culture over a tall glass of milk. (Fun fact: James hates milk! If you look closely you can see the nausea in his eyes.) In the debut episode they chat about everything from mermaids to VMAs and we can’t wait to hear what you think – not only about each topic, but about the pilot too! So leave us some comments, Tweet us and them (@MTVBuzzworthy and @positivnegativ) with #BTTB and let us know if you’re pickin’ up what James and Tamar are puttin’ down.

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