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Look Who Paid A Visit To MTV News Today!

Posted by John Mitchell On December - 9 - 2011

Here in the MTV Newsroom, we are lucky enough to have some of the biggest stars in the world swing through for a visit, but it’s not often that a star lights up the room by being as down-to-earth and approachable as Charlize Theron. To say that the Oscar-winning actress was a riot is an understatement. (But noting that I’m now blind because she was the most beautiful person I’ve ever actually seen in real life is not.)

Dealing with the famous and fabulous can definitively be a mixed bag. For every pro who rolls in on time and ready to go, there’s a star who arrives late with a list of things you’re not allowed to ask them (and they’re almost always the things people most care about). We’re pleased to report that Theron, who is getting awards buzz for “Up in the Air” director Jason Reitman’s “Young Adult,” falls squarely in the earlier category. In fact, Theron got here early … so early that we didn’t quite have the interview space and cameras ready to go for her “After Hours” sitdown with our very own Josh Horowitz.

So what’s a major movie star to do when she has 10 or so minutes to kill? Well, she hangs out in the newsroom amongst the worker bees, of course. Theron and her team joked around, laughed and carried on in a way that made us think she’d be a blast to have a drink with. Be jealous!

Check out the trailers for Theron’s next two films, “Young Adult” and “Snow White and the Huntsman,” after the jump.

“Young Adult”:

“Snow White and the Huntsman”:

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Katherine Heigl Wanted To ‘Shake Things Up’ With Her ‘I Hate Balls’ PSA

Posted by MTV News On December - 6 - 2011

By Lauren Kearney, with reporting by Kara Warner

In a “ballsy” attempt to promote her cause for animal rights, more specifically the neutering and spading of dogs, “New Year’s Eve” star Katherine Heigl teamed up with Funny or Die and came up with a ridiculously hilarious viral PSA about her hate of balls. No, not tennis balls or yoga balls … yep, you guessed it – Man Balls.

“It was really the Funny or Die guys that came up with the sketch idea and I have sort of an off-center sense of humor, I guess, and I thought it was really funny,” she explained to MTV News at the “NYE” junket. Check it out below:

“I thought it was a great way to make our point and talk about a cause that a lot of people sort of already know about or aren’t that aware of that are probably kind of tired of the same old approach to it so we trying to shake it up a little and catch people’s attention,” she added.

In the video, which you can check out after the jump, Heigl spends roughly three minutes discussing how much “terrible, terrible testicles” disgust her. “Unfortunately, I can’t cut the nuts off human men … yet. So I’ve dedicated my time to the neutering of dogs. Cause that’s legal!”

She prepared a list of the pros and cons of nuts. Among the attributes listed on the cons list are jiggly, look awful shaved, look awful unshaved, crinkly and wrinkly like an old Muppet, creepy guys grab at them and on and on. And on the pros list? Nothing.


Heigl took out her balls frustration on two boxing speed bags, punching them and cutting them down with hedge clippers, a cringe-worthy event for even the manliest man who had the “balls” to picture it in his head. But she assures us it isn’t men, and certainly not their packages, that she hates. Just the pair of nasty that comes along with them.

The actress has gone to great lengths recently to promote her charity, the Jason Heigl Foundation, including not only this PSA but posing topless with a dog. Now that’s dedication! But unfortunately the awareness may not be going as well as planned.

“I think the sad news is that everyone’s seen the video but no one’s necessarily donating to the cause so I’m crying into my pillow at night,” she told MTV News.

If you’d like to help her correct that, you can donate to the cause by texting SNIP to 20222 ($5) or FIXIT ($10) to 20222.

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Trent Reznor Finally Details Release Of Sprawling ‘Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Score

Posted by MTV News On December - 2 - 2011

By Zachary Swickey

Fans who have been missing Nine Inch Nails since the group’s retirement (at least from the stage) have been anxiously awaiting details on the upcoming Trent Reznor-helmed score to director David Fincher’s newest labor of love, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” The totally badass teaser trailer released earlier this summer features Karen O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) vocally slaying a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” and the fan reactions have been more than positive.

Writing on the Nine Inch Nails website last night, Reznor states, “For the last fourteen months Atticus [Ross] and I have been hard at work on David Fincher’s ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’ We laughed, we cried, we lost our minds and in the process made some of the most beautiful and disturbing music in our careers. The result is a sprawling three-hour opus that I am happy to announce is available for pre-order right now. The full release will be available in one week – December 9th.”

So in only one week’s time, fans can pick up the digital album version for $12, a fancy high quality download or CD for $14, or they can shell out $300 for the swank deluxe limited edition (of 3,000) that includes: six pieces of vinyl, a metal packaging cover, the autographs of Trent and Atticus Ross, and even an 8gb razor blade USB pendant that is inspired by Rooney Mara’s similar necklace in the film among other things. If you make any pre-orders, you’ll get the killer Karen-O track for download right now.

Not bad deals for three hours of music and in keeping Reznor’s affinity for releasing things gratis, a six-track sampler is available for free download. Some included song titles sound rather appropriate for a dark Fincher film: “Hidden In Snow,” “People Lie All the Time,” “Please Take Your Hand Away” and “Under the Midnight Sun” to name a few.

Trent Reznor’s debut to the world of scoring – another Fincher-directed masterpiece, “The Social Network” – received amazing reception from critics and fans alike, even picking up an Academy Award for Best Original Score.

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Tyler Perry Defends His Casting Of Kim Kardashian In New Movie

Posted by MTV News On November - 18 - 2011

Kim kardashian

By Henna Kathiya

Tyler Perry fans were not too happy about his choice of casting reality star Kim Kardashian in his latest project, “The Marriage Counselor.” Two weeks ago, Perry announced Kardashian had been chosen to play Ava, a co-worker of Judith (Jurnee Smollett), an Ivy League educated therapist who decides to step outside of her marriage to spice up her life. Fans of the prolific director immediately took to the message boards, denouncing Perry’s choice of someone they feel to be morally questionable. In light of Kardashian recently announcing her divorce from Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage, Perry’s fans are even more enraged.

After weeks of fans protesting the casting of Kardashian in “The Marriage Counselor,” Perry defended his actions in an open letter on his website. It seems as if the mind behind “Madea” believes that Kim K. is a role model to millions of her followers. Perry finds that casting her in his film would be the ideal way to bring them to see his movie.

In his letter he states: “She literally has millions of young people following her. I thought and still do think, that it would be very responsible of her to be a part of this film. To have the young people that look up to her, see her in a film that is about what happens in life when you make the wrong choices. Whether you’re aware of it or not, to be honest with you I wasn’t, millions of young people adore her and are following her every move. If one of those young people see this film and find the strength to live a better life and not go through what these characters went through in this movie, then we have all done what I feel I’m being led to do here. I hope you understand. I really do!”

So Perry is sticking to his guns on this one, regardless of what fans think, hoping to send a positive message? He signs off his letter with one more impactful line: “I believe that my films speak from the inside out, why wouldn’t Kim Kardashian be invited into a film about Faith, Forgiveness and the healing power of God? What is wrong with that??”

Who are we to judge someone looking for forgiveness? Right?

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Wait! Edward Chews The Baby Out Of Bella In The New ‘Twilight’?!

Posted by John Mitchell On November - 18 - 2011

It’s time for a confession – we’re just not that into “Twilight.” It’s not that we’re haters or anything; it’s just that it’s not our scene. We like our vampires dark and scary not teenaged and angsty. That said, we’re totally into Kristen Stewart and wish the series well.

So we’re a bit distressed to hear that our girl Kristen gets chewed up – literally! – in “Breaking Dawn – Part 1.” When we heard that Robert Pattinson’s Edward is forced to quite literally chew a fetus out of Bella when a scalpel can’t penetrate the placenta, we freaked out a little bit. That sounds insane!

In honor of this horrendous sequence, our pals at MTV Movies rounded up the 10 most gruesome birth scenes in film. Get a taste after the jump and visit MTV Movies Blog for the full list!

From MTV Movies Blog:

“Conan the Barbarian”
As if we needed any more evidence that Ron Perlman is the coolest dude on earth, he swoops in out of nowhere to perform a mid-battle cesarean on his wounded wife. Then he holds little Conan above his head like he just scored the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl and is gonna spike the kid on the ground.

“Knocked Up”
This one’s gross only in that we didn’t see it coming. Not for a second did we assume Judd Apatow would train his camera on Katherine Heigl’s stunt vagina. But he did. And we were left thinking the audience — to tweak what Jay Baruchel had declared minutes earlier in the movie — shouldn’t have gone in there.

“The Brood”
It’s not enough that this woman asexually reproduced and is carrying her baby outside her body thanks to the deranged ministrations of her psychotherapist? She then has to grasp her mutant dwarf baby and lick it clean of blood, placenta and who knows what else? No, for David Cronenberg, it was not nearly enough.

“The Fly”
In what can only be described as Cronenberg’s effort to out-Cronenberg himself after “The Brood,” the director has poor Geena Davis — terrified that she would give birth to a mutant freak after Jeff Goldblum impregnated her — dream that she is giving birth to a huge bloody larva worm thing.

Want more? Visit MTV Movies Blog.

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