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Our Career Advice For ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Vinny Now That He Is Taking Improv Classes

Posted by MTV News On September - 7 - 2011


By Uptin Saiidi

While many have recently traded in their beach towels for three-ring binders, one surprising Guido has also fist-pumped his way into the classroom. “Jersey Shore” star Vinny Guadagnino has enrolled in an improv class at NYC’s Upright Citizens Brigade, a theater and school co-founded by “Parks and Recreation” star Amy Poehler. Last night, the reality-TV star tweeted, “Day 1 of improv classes was dope, these tools can help with many areas of life.”

(We heard that he actually missed the first class last week, and take it from a fellow UCB-er Vin, if you miss more than two classes you can’t move on to level two.)

While Pauly D is busy DJ-ing, Snooki and JWoww are ready to film their new show, and The Situation is busy, well, being The Situation, Vinny is taking on a skill set that can be applied to artistic, scientific and even physical parts of life. There are many areas to use his upcoming new skills, but here are 5 specific roles Vinny could take his career:

1. Become a regular on “Saturday Night Live”: Not only does Vinny totally have the facial structure to play Joe Biden, but he’d also be an instant hit as the newest member of “The Lonely Island.” He’d take the guys to new heights with perhaps Shore-inspired videos.

2. TV Show Host: Imagine Vinny filling in for Matt Lauer alongside Ann Curry on “The Today Show.” He’d bring his charm and compassion to every interview, yet always know when to ask the tough questions. Together, he and Al Roker could deliver fresh one-liners to the typically ordinary weather forecast.

3. Cooking Show Host: A true cook mustn’t be able to follow a recipe, but rather use their intuition and expertise to create as they go. With Vinny’s newly found skills, he could head to Food Network and introduce his take on our favorite Italian classics. Move ova Rachel Ray!

4. Pick-Up Artist: Remember a few years ago when Vh1 documented guys in bars trying to learn how to pick up women in “The Pickup Artist.” Vinny could totally bring it back and teach a fresh set of Guido techniques for bachelors trying to hit it at the clubs. While Guidettes continue to naturally flock to him, other types may present a new challenge, truly testing Vinny’s new improv skills.

5. Stand-Up Comedian: It’s not like he’d need to go out and search for material. Just as Bob Sagat had plenty to say on stage about being on set with the Olsen twins on “Full House,” Vinny’s experiences in both the “Shore” house and Italy have given him what is undoubtedly comedic gold that’s sure to sell out any show!

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Abercrombie and Fitch Messes With The Situation, Which Messes With Their Stock

Posted by Jason Kaufman On August - 18 - 2011

On Tuesday, Abercrombie and Fitch offered “substantial payment” to MTV’s “Jersey Shore” cast members, specifically Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, to refrain from wearing their product.

“We are deeply concerned that Mr. Sorrentino’s association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image. We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans,” an A&F spokesperson said in the statement.

Some thought brilliant publicity stunt, but the street didn’t see any humor in this, um, situation.

Abercrombie and Fitch (ANF) posted one of Wednesday’s biggest percentage decreases after trading stopped on the NYSE, falling nearly 8.7 percent to close at $64.87.

Our brothers and sisters at MTV Remote Control raise a good point that may give Abercrombie more reason to sweat. A good deal of the “Jersey Shore” fans are probably curled up at home in their A&F clothes watching The Situation’s adventures each week. Does that mean they should stop buying the brand also? Read Remote Control’s Open Rebuttal To A Certain Clothing Retailer Who Dissed Our ‘Sitch’

We Spoke With The Situation, JWoww, Snooki and More About This Season’s Shocking “Jersey Shore” Moments

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‘Jersey Shore’ In Italy: Our Hopes And Dreams For Season Four

Posted by Eric Ditzian On August - 4 - 2011

To the profound events in the history of Italy (the construction of the Colosseum, the Black Death), we must now add two simple words: “Jersey Shore.”

The Situation, Snooki and their pals journeyed to Europe’s only footwear-shaped country earlier this year, and now the fist-pumping, fight-having fruits of their labor will hit the small screen when the newest season of the reality show kicks off on Thursday (August 4) at 10 PM ET. Italy, we’re quite sure, will never be the same.

What will go down when Seaside Heights goes buck wild in the land that gave rise to Romeo, Juliet and Vito Corleone? Here are our five “Jersey Shore” hopes and dreams.

They Brought the Duck Phone
Earlier this week, we peeped some photos of the cast’s palatial Italian digs right in the heart of Florence. We spied a Jacuzzi, some gaudy wallpaper and a bathroom large enough to contain eight guidos and guidettes moussing and mussing their ‘dos before hitting the clubs. What we didn’t see is the duck phone – the true breakout star from Seaside. The phone unleashed a defiant quack instead of a standard, yawn-inducing ring each time a call came in, flummoxing the housemates and leading Snooki to wonder, “What the f**k kind of person gets a duck phone to talk on?” The awesome kind, Snickers! The duck phone didn’t make it to Miami a couple of seasons ago, but let’s hope they’ve corrected the oversight in Italy.

Ron and Sam Won’t Get Together
By the end of last season, even these two lovebirds had to admit their relationship – their crazy, ugly, sometimes sweet but more often infuriating bond – was not working for them, their housemates or the viewers at home. Ron and Sam are simply better single than they are together. Florence, no doubt, is full of eligible men and women. We’re hoping the duo pursued new conquests rather than falling back into old habits.

Uncle Nino Visits the Homeland
Vinny’s uncle first unleashed his impressive belly and his ridiculous vocabulary in season two, winning laughs, a legion of fans and the not-exactly-grateful attention of JWoww. Nino returned again the next season to gyrate with Deena and make us think the dude deserved a permanent spot on “Jersey Shore.” At the very least, we have our fingers crossed that Nino took a trip across the Atlantic to hang with his nephew and steal a few scenes in the way only Nino can.

They Learned the Language
In March, before the cast headed off to Italy, MTV News gave the kids a little lesson in the Romance language that would soon be flowing all around them. We taught Pauly how to say “grenade whistle” (“fishio di granata”) and Snooki how to shout “gorilla juice-head” (“succo capo gorilla”). Did the lesson stick? Will we see the cast dive into the rich history and culture of their temporary homeland in the way that only speaking the language can allow? Hey, these are hopes and dreams, after all.

The Situation Doesn’t Eat a Sandwich While Pauly Gets It In
Remember that time when Sitch struck out with the ladies, cooked himself an egg sandwich and munched away in the bedroom while Pauly shagged a gal mere feet away? Yeah, that counts as one of the greatest moments in the history of the show, encompassing everything that is hilarious and troubling about “Jersey Shore.” But like so many hilarious and troubling things, we hope it never, ever, ever happens again. So here’s to Sitch and Pauly both getting lucky or, at the very least, one getting lucky and the other falling asleep on an empty stomach. Hey, here’s to another awesome season of “Jersey Shore”!

The new season of “Jersey Shore” premieres tonight at 10 PM ET on MTV.

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Justin Bieber’s Post-’Fantasy Factory’ MTV Cameos: A Wish List

Posted by Jocelyn Vena On April - 5 - 2011

Justin Bieber literally risked life and limb when he pulled off some insanely dangerous stunts during a cameo on “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” this week. Bieber proved that he’s willing to put himself in the face of danger (and laugh at it) as he rode a go-cart into a foam pit and got dragged around the Fantasy Factory on a skateboard.

Bieber seemed to fit in perfectly in the testosterone-fueled world of the Factory, and he got us wondering what other MTV shows the Canadian superstar might want to visit next.

“Punk’d”: This is a natural choice given that Bieber was once attached to a reboot of the show, taking over the hosting duties from Ashton Kutcher. Imagine the funny stunts he could pull on Asher Roth, Willow Smith (and the whole Smith family for that matter) and Usher. OMG!

“The Hills”: Speaking of reboots, what better way to bring back that classic MTV reality show than by casting Bieber and his band of merry men, including swagger coach Ryan Good and manager Scooter Braun. I bet Ryan, Scooter and Bieber would give killer vacant stares to one another. Plus, we think that Justin Bobby could be a fun addition to the mix.

“Jersey Shore”: Snooki once told the Biebs he’d look great in a blowout, now both parties should put their money where their mouth is, and Bieber should hang out with the crew for a season down the shore. Who needs Angelina when you can have Bieberino?

“ABDC”: The kid can dance. Enough said.

“Beavis and Butt-Head”: He was eager to hear the show would be coming back. Then again, we’re not sure if Beavis and Butt-head would be too kind when commenting on a Bieber video. Maybe his animated alter ego could just join them on the couch?

What MTV show would you like to see Bieber appear on next? Tell us in the comments!

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Snooki Steals Wrestlemania Spotlight, Our Cold Hearts

Posted by James Montgomery On April - 4 - 2011

On Sunday night, I ended my seven-year hiatus from professional wrestling when I attended a screening of Wrestlemania XXVII, the WWE’s annual celebration of Spandex and suplexes. And almost immediately, I realized why I had decided to stop watching this stuff in the first place.

Because, boy, was the show awful. Full of bizarre bookings (Alberto Del Rio wuz robbed!), plodding matches (I’m still recovering from the Undertaker/HHH snooze-fest) and, of course, an anti-climactic finale (having The Rock bury both challenger John Cena and champion The Miz was a rather, uh, interesting choice, to say the very least), it was a listless four hours that left me feeling empty inside. And while, sure, there were a few bright spots — why has no one ever told me about this CM Punk guy?!?! — overall, I feel pretty secure saying that I can probably go another seven years without watching the WWE again. If not much, much longer.

Still, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out just how impressed I was with Snooki, who was added to the ‘Mania card with much fanfare (and much derision from hard-core wrestling fans) last month, and then surprised pretty much everyone by delivering the goods on Sunday night.

I mean, sure, the Snookster didn’t exactly have much to do — she was teamed with Trish Stratus and some dude named John Morrison in the so-called “Brunette Mafia” (props to Trish for keeping kayfabe alive by dying her hair brown), who took on the team of Dolph Ziggler, Michelle McCool and Layla — but in her limited action, Snooki proved that she was a stout worker, delivering a slap to Ziggler, mixing it up on the mat, and, in the bout’s final spot, hitting an honest-to-goodness, across-the-ring backflip on McCool.

That move earned some actual “Ooh’s” from the Georgia Dome crowd, and, after pinning McCool, Snooki stood victorious, arms raised by Stratus and Morrison. It was by no means a technical masterpiece, but as far as celebrified smackdowns go, it was pretty decent (and it was definitely better than that Big Show/Kane/Corre clusterfrick). So, why knows, perhaps Snooki has a future in the grappling business? She’s already got her finisher down pat.

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