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Beyonce Facing $100 Million Lawsuit Over Scrapped Video Game

Posted by MTV News On December - 9 - 2011


By Zachary Swickey

With the motion capture abilities of Xbox’s Kinect, which allows users to control the system through gestures and spoken commands rather than through a controller, dance video games are all the rage – even the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has one. Beyonce was at one time poised to have the same bragging rights, but the pop starlet is now being sued for $100 million after supposedly “abandoning” the video game project.

According to the Daily Mail, video game company Gate Five is claiming that Bey “abruptly abandoned” their project for a dance video game set to feature the diva dubbed “Starpower: Beyonce.” And the company claims they lost $7 million from investing in the development of the scrapped project.

Beyonce’s lawyers made a request that the lawsuit be rejected, but a Manhattan Supreme Court judge refused to do after legal papers were officially filed against the singer earlier this year. Gate Five believes that the singer was in breach of their November 2010 contract when she supposedly backed out of the project. They are suing for $100 million – what they estimate is potential profit the game would have accrued. The company states, “She destroyed Gate Five’s business and drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas (in 2010).”

In response to the lawsuit and accusations, Beyonce’s lawyers state the singer only removed herself from the project after the failure of Gate Five to finance the video game in time for her involvement to continue.

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Jessica Simpson To Launch Maternity Line In 2012

Posted by Jocelyn Vena On December - 6 - 2011

Jessica Simpson

Pregnant ladies of the future rejoice! Some very stylish celebrities plan to dream up some fabulous fashions for the expecting set. So, if one day you plan to have a baby on board, Jessica Simpson and Beyonce have got your back.

The two pop stars-turned-pregnant moguls, have recently announced that they want to make moms look cool, though we imagine it might take a second to get the lines to market (you know since they are currently probably more focused on their pregnancies).

Beyonce made her announcement in Harper’s Bazaar, sharing her philosophy about dressing for two. “I love figuring out designs that still make me feel edgy and sexy while pregnant,” she told the mag. “Flowy fabrics are always flattering…but I still rock my stilettos.”

So does Jessica, who Fashionista reports will have her maternity line out by February. Given how successful Jessica has been in the fashion world, we have no doubt that she’ll be able to nail down just what mommas-to-be all across the world want to wear.

For now, fans of the fashion mogul can imagine what her kid will be wearing from the children’s line she recently launched with sister Ashlee.

“This was my mother’s idea actually. My mother thought it would be great to combine both of our styles, both of our personalities,” she said of her collabo with her sister. “Ashlee’s very rock ‘n’ roll, very cool, very boho-chic. I’m more of like your all-American girl. I’m pretty classic, I’m pretty easy going. Combining the two is always fun. But I am the person that does like to wear something simple and throw a crazy accessory with it.”

What do you think of Jessica’s big fashion plans? Tell us in the comments!

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Grammy Snubs: Beyonce And Britney Were Robbed, Kanye West, Lady Gaga And Taylor Swift Should Have Gotten Even More Love

Posted by John Mitchell On December - 1 - 2011

Last night’s announcement of the nominees for the 2012 Grammys came with them few surprises: Kanye West earned a leading seven nominations for his solo work on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and the Jay-Z collaboration Watch the Throne and Adele’s mega-selling 21 and its ubiquitous lead single “Rolling in the Deep” dominated the top categories. There were, however, several notable snubs among the nominations, the most glaring of which we’ve cataloged below.

Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Album of the Year

How Kanye West could score the most nominations, including Best Song for “All of the Lights,” and not see his critically adored Fantasy nominated for Album of the Year is beyond us. The set enjoys a 94 out of 100 rating on album review aggregator Metacritic, a full 18 points better than the highest-rated album to make the Grammy cut (Adele’s 21 with a 76).

Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory,” Song of the Year

Lady Gaga has released so many singles off her hit album Born This Way that we sometimes lose track, but the one track that has really stuck is “The Edge of Glory.” Lyrically inspired by the death of her grandfather, the song features soaring hooks and the most anthemic chorus to hit Top 40 radio this year. That the Academy chose to honor only four songs with nominations in this category rather than the usual five while overlooking the highlight of an album it chose to award a nomination for Album of the Year is silly business.

Read on for more.


Beyonce’s 4, Best R&B Album

Perhaps the Recording Academy thinks Beyonce has enough Grammys? It would be easy enough to make a case that 4 should be a contender for Album of the Year – it’s Metacritic rating of 73 is better than four of the nominated albums, and while music critics are far from definitive, consensus acclaim shouldn’t be overlooked – but we would have settled for Best R&B Album because, well, it’s the perfect R&B album. On 4 Beyonce eschewed club bangers for soulful and complex ballads and insanely catchy mid-tempo jams (like “Love on Top” and “Countdown”). In its review, New York Magazine commented on the album’s throw-back vibe, writing, “There’s a streak of nostalgia running through the sound, whether it’s the kind of traditionalist R&B that sells Adele albums or the cheery funk of a track like ‘Love on Top,’ which feels as cozy as seventies Stevie Wonder or eighties Michael Jackson.” And when it comes to R&B, does a higher compliment exist than a comparison to seventies Stevie Wonder and eighties Michael Jackson?

Britney Spears’ “Till The World Ends,” Best Dance Recording

Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale album brought her the best reviews of her career, earning the pop superstar the same Metacritic rating as Rihanna’s Album of the Year-nominated Loud, and became the first album of Spears’ 12-year multi-platinum career to yield three top-ten hits (“Till The World Ends,” “I Wanna Go,” and the #1 “Hold It Against Me”). “Till The World Ends” was one of the year’s biggest radio hits, giving Spears the largest weekly audience of her career in mid-May, and topped Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart the week of May 28. Spears’ sole Grammy win came in the Best Dance Recording category in 2005 for “Toxic,” and she should have scored a nod in the same category this year because, as Rolling Stone said in its three-and-a-half star review, “You want a party song, call a partier. Written by Ke$ha (with Max Martin and Dr. Luke), the second single from Femme Fatale is ginormously pumping uber-Euro uber-disco: sky-sucking synth streaks, a beat that sounds like blimps f**king and a thousand shirtless drunken sailors chanting along on the chorus.” In dance music language, that’s a pretty huge compliment.

Taylor Swift’s Speak Now, Album of the Year

Taylor Swift may have caught a case of the Beyonces. Swift swept through the 2009 Grammys and took home the Album of the Year prize for Fearless, in addition to three other prizes in the country categories. With that win, she became the first female country soloist to win the top prize at the Grammys. And, sure, Speak is up for a number of country-centric prizes this year and that’s nothing to scoff at. But the acclaimed set failed to receive a nod for Album of the Year, despite widespread and near-universal praise. Perhaps the Academy missed all of the subtleties that the New York Times picked up on in its rave review. “It’s [Speak Now] the most savage of her career, and also the most musically diverse. And it’s excellent too, possibly her best,” the Times writes. “In these new songs relationships are no longer fantasies, or neutered; they’re lived-in places, where bodies share space.”

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Does Beyonce Have A Smoke And Mirrors Plan To Have Her Baby In Peace?

Posted by John Mitchell On November - 30 - 2011


Beyonce is one smart cookie.

Today, everyone is going a little crazy with the news that the pop star may be welcoming her baby with hubby Jay-Z a little earlier than everyone expected. In a YouTube clip from the set of her video for “Countdown,” King Bey holds up the Sept. 23 edition of the New York Daily News and responds to its “Oh Baby!” headline by saying she is six months pregnant.

“Hello, it’s Sept. 23. Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! This was on the cover of the Daily News. Right now I’m actually shooting the video for ‘Countdown’ and I’m six months pregnant, pretending that my stomach is flat in body suits,” the superstar says in the clip. “But thank god you can’t really tell from the front, but when I turn to the side … Oh baby! Oh baby!”

But wait! That would mean that she is due in mid-to-late December and not February, as was reported earlier during a sit-down interview with the star on Australia’s “Sunday Night.” That’s a pretty dramatic shift in time! And it makes us wonder if Beyonce isn’t maybe trying create a little bit of confusion around when she’s actually due so she can give birth in peace. It’s a totally understandable trick – Beyonce is notoriously private and unlike many modern celebrities, who quite literally invite cameras into the delivery room, our girl Bey has never been one to give in to the prying eyes of the press.

We’ve compiled a little evidence after the jump.

>>> If Beyonce was indeed six months pregnant on Sept. 23, 2011, that would mean she was about five months pregnant during her intimate, mid-August performances at the Roseland Ballroom in support of her (awesome) album 4.

Yes, pregnancy hits everyone a little differently, every lady gains different amounts of weight and begins to show at different times, but does Beyonce look five months pregnant in the first image below (from August 18)?

>>> Which brings us to the second and third pictures in the above image. Again, a lot can happen in three weeks in the life a of a pregnant woman, and we hold degrees in English and communications and not obstetrics so we are not experts in pregnancy, but the middle image is from Beyonce’s performance at the MTV Video Music awards on August 28 and the third image is from the “Countdown” set video on Sept. 23. It’s a dramatic difference.

It’s also worth pointing out that the first image and the third image in the above photo were taken one month and five days apart.

>>> Another point of interest comes from that original “Sunday Night” interview during which the February due date was first revealed. Anyone who has ever dealt with celebrities, particularly stars of Beyonce’s caliber, knows that the details revealed in an intimate sitdown of this variety are not arbitrary. “Sunday Night” did not just make up or assume that Beyonce was due in February; that information was told to them by someone and it was likely a person within her camp who the show believed could speak with authority on the matter.

This is all, of course, speculative. But it’s something we’ve been thinking for a while. Bey knows that the paparazzi are going to be an inescapable presence in her life as her due date nears, and her skills at dodging them over the years make us think she’d be clever enough to fudge the facts of her due date to throw them off her trail. While she is one of the most famous women in the world, her pregnancy is a private matter and her personal business, and she’s made it abundantly clear that the details of her private life are not meant for public consumption. (She and Jay-Z are still very careful when talking about each other in interviews … nearly four years after they tied the knot!) For Beyonce, one of the classiest cats in the game, some things are still sacred.

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Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald Are Latest Couple To Make Beautiful Music Together

Posted by MTV News On November - 15 - 2011

Paul M and Nikki Reed

Some celebrity couples want to do everything together. Even if it’s not the thing they’re best known for.

But with the glow of their recent wedding still shining bright, “Twilight” actress Nikki Reed and former “American Idol” contestant Paul McDonald have committed their love to plastic courtesy of their first joint single, “Now That I Found You.”

The twangy ballad, with music by McDonald and lyrics by Reed, is, predictably, about finding true love in the eyes of your beloved. The pair’s vocals don’t exactly find the perfect mix, as McDonald’s raspy, Rod Stewart drawl overpowers Reed’s generic voice, employed mostly as musical wallpaper. Reed said McDonald is encouraging her to pursue music in a more serious way, so the song may be just the first of many future collaborations.

Who knows if these two will become the next Sonny and Cher or the modern Don Johnson and Barbra Streisand. But whatever the future holds, they can feel confident that plenty of other musical couples have their back.

The hook-up that might have ended all other couple collaborations is actually the one that never happened. Britney Spears and former N’SYNC member Justin Timberlake were at the peak of their uber-pop glory in the early 2000s, but, sadly, the dynamic duo never consummated the relationship in the studio. Other pop tarts did get busy in the studio, including onetime “Newlyweds” Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey on her single, “Where You Are,” and another ex-pair, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, hooked up on his tune, “No Me Ames.”

While some couples make beautiful music together, such as Mates of State and late Beatles John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the only good that came of the bed-hopping mess that was 1970s powerhouse Fleetwood Mac were such landmark albums as Rumors.

Indie rock, however, is lousy with real-life couple duets, from the recently split Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, to current hipster faves Nathan Williams of Wavves and Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino, who just released their collaborative track, “Nodding Off.”

Hip-hop has also produced some classic love games, including the Notorious B.I.G.’s “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You),” which features a chorus from his wife, Faith Evans. And while former Fugees band mates and one-time lovers Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean were able to record songs such as “Fu Gee La” together before their relationship and band split, expectant parents Jay-Z and Beyonce are still going strong and, well, “Crazy in Love.”

What’s your favorite celebrity musical collabo?

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